Inflatable Kayaking Trips on the Salmon River

New this season, we have partnered up with the original inflatable kayaking outfitter - Orange Torpedo Trips - to provide single, half, and multi-day inflatable kayaking adventures on the Salmon River.  On these unique trips, you get the chance to paddle yourself through the throws and thrills of the Salmon River's rapids and to float stretched-out and feet-up in the its calm pools.  Guides paddling their own inflatable kayaks will help teach you the basics and then lead you "follow-the-leader" style through the rapids.  If you should fall out: no problem; the guides will be right there to pick you up.  It's all part of the fun. So, the question is: are you a "do-it-yourselfer"? Looking for a little more adventure? Well here is your chance to sit above the rapids, hear their roar, and power your way down through the waves on your own.   

Because these trips are run in conjunction with our standard one-day trips, groups can be divided, with some kayaking and some rafting.  

(Mom and Dad - do you want to kayak while the kids ride in the raft? Not a problem!)

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